About Us

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Asshiddiqie, Pangaribuan & Partners (APP) is a boutique law firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia, specializing in criminal, civil, and commercial litigation. The firm was established in 2016, by Aristo Pangaribuan, and Robby Asshiddiqie. Equipped with in-depth legal knowledge and a vast network of peers, the two decided to establish the firm. The office is strategically located in Menteng neighborhood, Central Jakarta.

APP lawfirm only recruits high-quality associates to support the work of our partner. We have high regard for the intellectual quality of our advice due to the scholarly nature of our firm. Our ultimate mission is to provide the best legal solution to our client while still considering practical considerations. Since its establishment, APP lawfirm has represented prominent individuals, multi-national corporations, foreign embassies, and government institutions. Our work has been covered by a wide range of news sources, as you can see on our website’s main page. 

We do our best to provide expert solutions, mainly in resolving criminal, civil, and commercial litigation. Feel free to contact us through this website or contact one of our lawyers.  To learn more about us, see our firm profile (in pdf)